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When less is more

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“No words are too good for the cutting-room floor, no idea so fine that it cannot be phrased more succinctly.” ― Merilyn Simonds

  • Examples:
adequate enoughboth words mean more or less the same thing
Close proximityBoth the words mean the same thing. Use one or the other
Collaborate togetherJust say, ‘Let’s collaborate’
Completely surroundedeither you’re surrounded or you’re not. ‘Completely’ is redundant.
Few in numberjust say ‘few’, it means exactly the same thing and uses two fewer words.
Foreign imports As opposed to what? Local imports? If it is imported, it has to be foreign. You don’t have to say ‘foreign’.
Free gift If you pay for something, it is not a gift. All gifts are free, except the ones advertised as ‘free gifts’ in ads. There’s always a catch there. Drop ‘free’.
Absolutely certain You can either be certain or uncertain about something. You cannot be partly certain. Saying ‘absolutely certain’ is like saying ‘certainly certain’. Don’t.
General public ‘The public’ refers to the general population. You don’t need to say ‘general’.
Advance planning Planning has to be done in advance, right? There is no other kind of planning. Drop ‘advance’.
ATM machine ATM stands for automatic teller machine. The M is for Machine. You don’t need to say ‘machine’ again.
Cameo appearance A cameo is a brief appearance by an actor in a film. The word ‘appearance’ is built into ‘cameo’. Don’t say it again.
Exact same It is either the same. Or it isn’t. If it isn’t the same, perhaps it is similar? If it is the same, say that. Drop ‘exact’.
Past experienceall experience is in the past. Just say ‘experience’.
The reason whytell me the reason why you said that. Tell me why you said that. Spot the difference. The second sentence has fewer words but the same meaning.
12 midnight or 12 noonjust say midnight or noon, everyone knows that they occur at 12am or 12pm.
A total of Rs 10,000I have Rs 10,000 is the same as ‘I have a total of Rs 10,000’. Drop ‘a total of’.
Period of four daysI am here for a period of four days. Just say, ‘I am here for four days’.
Circle aroundyou can circle around the earth. But just say, ‘circle the earth’. There’s no other way but around. It’s understood.
End resultthe result comes at the end of a process. It's a given. Just say ‘result’.
New innovationas opposed to what? Old innovation? Drop ‘new’.
Summarize brieflyto summarize means to express something briefly. Drop ‘briefly’.
It’s got a shorter lengthjust say, ‘it’s shorter’. It’s shorter.
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