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  • 👋 Hi, I’m Rahul Chandna
  • 👀 I’m interested in solving complex problems, refactoring legacy system design and codebase, defining target architecture and upgrading AS-IS for target architecture
  • 🌱 I’m currently learning Microsoft Azure

  • I’m most known for :
    • Mentoring
    • Building devOps pipelines (jenkins, gitlab)
    • Clean code and Refactoring
    • API design
    • Target Architecture design

You may connect with me via :

My GitHub repository is GitHub

Regarding the website template, if you like dark theme then you can easily switch to it by clicking on the sun icon at the bottom of left hand side menu.

The main motivation behind this website is to have a place where I document my journey.

The posts that you see are like 10% of what I have worked on so far, but I had to start from somewhere, so in 2020 I did a thumb suck and started documenting things that I could remember from 2010.

Site is still missing posts on:

  • Using Citrix NetScaler Nitro API for High Availability deployments
  • Citrix NetScaler configuration diagram to understand how the requests flow from endpoint to virtual machine sitting in a servcie group
  • configuring jenkins pipelines
  • gitlab pipelines
  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • JWT tokens
  • API authentication and authorization using JWT tokens
  • Building API using Jersey and documenting endpoints using Swagger
  • maven settings.xml
  • maven dependency management
  • using maven profile to compile project for WilfFly 17 running in non-production and Jboss4.1 in Production, this gave testing team time to throughly test the changes, while the production continues to work as-is
  • wrote a Log4j wrapper that allowed logging to be enabled or disabled per class at runtime, this way logging was enabled in non-production but in production we were able to enable/disable logging which helped keeping our logs file clean
  • upgrading 20+ years old code base from java 1.6 and to JDK 11
  • ant scripts for jenkins
  • Deployments to virtual machines using jenkins
  • Deployments to virtual machines and kubernetes via gitlab pipelines
  • configuring nginx as reverse proxy
  • configuring apache as reverse proxy with kerberos authentication and IP address whitelisting
  • handling/formatting data using oracle sql
  • using postman
  • using soapui
  • using jmeter for load testing
  • using selenium for frontend testing
  • built HttpServlet project that when deployed in WildFly is used as reverse proxy
  • built project that converts Oracle Update SQL to Select SQL before running it in production to check for any unintended impact on production database like running update without where clause or tyring to update millions of rows.
  • built custom login that starts with Kerberos authentication then uses JWT tokens which allows client to change kerberos service account password during business hours